787 Strobe light bug

So the 787 rear strobe, on the -9 version at least, has a strange bug. Basically it flickers on either the right or left side every once in a while. The flicker seems to be like the old strobe. That’s pretty much what I’ve noticed so far. Has anyone else seen this bug?

Thats how the B787’s strobe lights are.



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If you look at this video, https://youtu.be/5nux1W9mevA, it’s pretty constant in the rear. It doesn’t have a double flash like the other planes in infinite flight. Basically, in this case, the lights flash twice instead of one solid flash like the 787. However, it is only on the right or left side (one at a time). The double flash occurs simultaneously with the prolonged flash that the 787 has. I can explain more if you need me to.

Basically take the strobe on the other planes and imaging that on one or the other side of the rear 787 strobe.