787 Speeds

Hey, can someone give me the V1, VR, and V2 of the 787-10

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The best V1 and rotate for me in the 787 is 160 and 165.


These speeds very much depend on your weight - if you are very light then rotate around 140-150kts, if very heavy around 170-175kts


V1, VR and V2 of this 787 can be calculated through Infinite PAX. Other methods of manual calculation are not very accurate

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I’m not really sure, but from what I’ve seen on the PMDG 737 NGX, the FMC calculates your V1, VR and V2 using the Flaps.

I’m not an aviation genius or anything, but it might vary on your weight etc.
I’m not sure, every time I entered my flaps it automatically calculated my speed.

It may be different on the 787 though.

In real life, I’m 95% sure it’s calculated by the FMC, but of course, that’s not included in IF.

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The FMC calculates the V speeds based on the departure runway, weights, assumed temperature, and flap settings. If any of that is missing it won’t calculate. Usually the flaps setting is the last thing left to put in on the takeoff ref page so once you enter that the v speeds should appear and you just need to line select and confirm them.

If you go back to change anything after including any changes to the runway/SID your v speeds will go and you need to recalculate them and line select to confirm them again.

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