787 speed

Does anyone know the normal cruise speed for the 787-800?


I think it’s almost the same on all larger Boeing planes, Mach 0.82-0.83

Officially it’s 493 knots (Mach 0.73) but the infinite flight regions are smaller than a long haul route so it’s down to your discretion.

Yeah I was wondering because the overspeed warning came on at 350kts

To enjoy the the 787,

Takeoff at 140,

Climb at 225

Cruise at 275!

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Never heard of the 787-800, but if you mean the 787-8 it’s around 450 knots normally


Overspeed warning is at 350kts IAS (Indicated Air Speed).
This is not the same speed than 490kts TAS (True Air Speed).
Explanation here: http://www.decodedscience.org/airspeed-of-an-aircraft-indicated-airspeed-ias-and-true-airspeed-tas/5035
When cruising you should use the Mach speed: 0.85 for the 787-8.


Averave is mach .85

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