787 rework?

Does anyone know if the 787 is going to have a rework soon? I heard someone say that they are doing all planes first before they add more but I don’t know if that’s true

While the developers are intent on reworking all planes, it’s not realistic to expect that it’ll happen in the near future due to various constraints with work on other aspects of the game such as with buildings and weather still being a work in progess. Not to mention, I believe the graphics overhaul has yet to be completed, which is one of the largest projects they’ve undertaken thus far.

Per the developer’s development timeline that they published on the blog here, it has only been announced that the E175, E190 and F/A18 will be reworked, and with development lead times being about 6 to 9 months for each type reworked, it could be a while until we see the B787, or really, any other plane, get a rework.

In short, the B787 will get a rework eventually, when that’ll come, you’ll just have to wait and see.


Ok thanks a lot

Nothing has yet been mentioned regarding a 787 rework. Stick around and a rework may occur sometime in the future.