787 Realism

Hi. Firstly, I’ll briefly say that I love the game. It’s really well put together with many options to keep it interesting. The new ATC feature really elevated the whole experience.

Secondly, I’m not sure whether this is a bug or merely the way the 787 functions IRL, but the whole model seems to feel really sluggish. Engaging thrust doesn’t seem to move the aircraft at all unless you are up over 30/40%. Also, the controls turning controls also seem quite sluggish (even compared to larger aircraft like the 747-400 or A380). Is this the way the plane handles? I would have expected something a little more in the middle of, say, the A321 and the 747. I seem to remember it being more agile several updates back. The autopilot also seems to struggle to hold a course too…even with different throttle and altitude settings.

A few new liveries for this aircraft would be great too :smile:
Thanks in advance, please keep up the good work!


The real airplane handles better than the 777… I’m sure the DEVS will eventually get to revamping this.


The 787 is definitely due for an upgrade. Feel free to provide us with a clear list of things that need tweaking. Also if you know real 787 pilots (or maintenance personnel) that can provide us with accurate data it would really help :smile:


Great, I’ll take it for a spin and make some notes. Wish I knew someone I the know! Thanks for the response.

Okay, so after a few flights, most of the problems seem to stem from the throttle seemingly acting quite weakly. This causes the the autopilot to find holding a course, speed or altitude difficult.

I did a few quick tests with the throttle. Upon taxiing, I had to push the throttle to 50% to gain any serious forward velocity. Reducing it to 20% while taxiing caused the aircraft to slowly lose forward momentum - most of the other aircraft seem to be able to hold a steady taxi speed with far less throttle. On takeoff, I generally set my throttle to N1. The 787 increased speed relatively slowly at 95% and struggles to accelerate when autopilot is set to climb at 3500 fpm.

The main steering controls also seem to be a little slow to react. This was a little harder to quantify - it just seems nowhere near as touchy as comparable craft - and makes the flare hard to execute correctly.

Nothing further than that unf, hope it helps. Be great to have the 787 restored to glory, definitely my favorite looking airliner. Thx!


Try @troybflying on Instagram. He flies the United 787

Well the Boeing 787 hasn’t been touched since they put in the game however many years ago. It still has all the features of the original models so it isn’t up to the quality standards of the recent Boeing 747s. Whenever they update it (Which is probably 2-3 updates-Just a guess), I am sure they’ll tweak some of the performance issues

Best, Boeing707

Troybflying@gmail.com is his email

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