787 Range

If the 787 is maxed up with fuel with about 280 passengers and 75% cargo how far can it go from where to where.

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You should check aircraft performance pages.


Just a side note; You will be over Max Take Off Weight (MTOW) with your config.

Here is an overview over estimated fuel burn/flight time:

Range 787s:

Source: Boeing.com


Thanks much appreciate it. Also how do you know if you have exceeded MTOW.

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In the weight section it will be red with (> MTOW)


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Ok thank you

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Your welcome mate

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Recall that that time in IF is only an estimate. I don’t know what exact fuel burn profile they utilize to make the estimate, but everything is dependent upon your fuel burn profile. So, if, say, that’s presuming a step climb to cruise and a cruise speed of M0.85 but you cruise at M0.90, you’ll obviously burn fuel faster than the estimate and won’t get nearly as much time.

Sites such as SimBrief and FPLtoIF have aircraft profiles if you’re looking for a more solid estimate of fuel required based on cruising altitude, cargo weight, passengers, and distance, etc, including reserve fuel options.

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Thanks and LGB from the Lou to

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