787 Question

Anyone know which is the best cruising alt (FL) for the 787.

I usually I cruise on FL360 in a 2-3 hour flight.

Depends on fuel, load, and estimated flight time. Average initial cruise can range between 28,000 and FL410. Step climbing can also be useful if you’re looking for fuel conservation. :]


Highly recommend you use fpltoif.com, it will answer that question for you based on the route and your load…

Assuming you are lightly loaded for such a short flight, you could probably reach FL 380-400, but again fpltoif will tell you what is best


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I personally use Flightradar24 for assistance with all these types of things - look up your flight route on there then try and mimic the altitudes etc 🙂


Oh ok, thanks for replying mate

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