787 Problems

Hey everyone,

I love flying the 787. It’s my go to plane on Infinite Flight. Recently it got a landing gear upgrade and ever since then, I’ve had trouble taxing it and taking off. It’ll swerve way over if I just make the smallest correction. It never used to be that way before the landing gear upgrade. I find this disappointing and pain to deal with. Is there anyway this can be fixed or adjusted?


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  • Perhaps using a little rudder will help you from moving across the runway - that’s what I used.
  • Another method is where you lean into the takeoff - depending on winds and you should, if done correctly, end up on a good line.


  • I believe it happens with everyone - especially when the plane is very heavy.

Hey there! I don’t experience this same issue as you, however it may be that your sensitivity for the “Yaw” is too high. If this sensitivity is bothering you, you could always reduce the sensitivity of the Yaw for your 787 flights. This can be found in the in-game settings, then going to the “Controls” section. Hopefully this helps.

Other factors why this may be happening though

  • You are correcting more than you think
  • You are taking off into/across the wind (check real life winds and runway usage to know what runways to use

Again, hopefully one of these works!

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Thank you all for your responses!


On takeoff it does also help to trim the aircraft a little bit. I use 15% trim for most flights which can help get that required lift. I find if the aircraft overspeeds slightly on the runway, it can ‘swerve’. Rudder is a good fix but its good to try and avoid this issue so as long as your flap and trim settings are correct, this should reduce this problem.


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