787 problem

Something is going on with the 787-8


Ok, that looks a bit odd, indeed.

Can you tell us how and when this appears like this?
What have you done so far to resolve this?


I just got kicked from the game due to a 787 glitch, some big thickk lines were coming from my left side blocking my cockpit view when I was on final for SCEL 17R, if that could also be checked with this


Have you tried restarting IF?

What are your current graphics settings?

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And…what about this one?


I’ve seen it before, it’s an oldish model that in my opinion needs a rework. There’s really nothing you can do to fix it at the moment, if you set the time differently you can see the glitch move accordingly to the Suns position in the sky.


I was in Brazil too that might be the case too maybe

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I have no idea but could just be a crash that has nothing to do with the 787. I got one just now as well. All the text got bunched up to the left then IF force quit

I didnt crash, I was at the normal glideslope amd all of a sudeen black lines started to come, i thought might be a bug will report after flight, but got force kicked from the IF app so came here and was about to report it and saw this so thought of adding it here

Was this photo take in sunrise/sunset? The suns glare can cause this I issue.

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This has happened to me to, I deleted the app from
My device and re installed and it worked fine

I meant the app crashed. Probably a different reason though. Mine wasn’t black lines

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