787 Physics

I saw a video of the 787 landing in Lauraviatrix profile on instagram.

I really must say it looks horrible without gear tilt and the suspension… Without these thing it doesn’t give me the sense of landing… Have a look at the airplanes in Aerofly FS 2… They have great flying physics. Landing gives a perfect feel and that’s what we want to have on Infinite Flight also…

I’ve been suggesting gear tilt and suspension for years to the developers but no progres is to be seen in this direction… I’m disapointed


Really? Where? I can’t find any confirmation of gear tilt…

Don’t the 787 has suspension Physics yet?

It’s not confirmed but its not unconfirmed either…
Podcast ep 26

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It’s just mentioned in the podcast.

From the looks of it she landed with Autoland in the clip. Either way, each landing would differ depending on your skill.

You might be dissapointed about gear tilt but… about suspension…i think you are just unfair or too fast to judge…the dash 8 has very very very good suspension!so if it’s not yet added to the 787 it will in the final product!Be patient

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I’m sorry your disappointed.
I would simply say if it affects you that much, maybe just stick to other sims. I love this game, and the fact that Wing Flex was recently added leaves me to believe a hell of a lot more is coming and coming soon.

The more popular the game gets means more support and this = New Developents.
Now this being said. Let’s weigh up what we already have. Small yet amazingly accurate regions along with many amazing aircraft, each being eventually reworked to an amazing standard. Global flights coming, you have IFATC, you have virtual airlines. Try to be greatful for what Developers and your fellow community members do for this Sim.

Gear tilt… Well, it dosent fade me too much, mainly because nearly all my landing are in the cockpit view. It’s only another small effect at the end of the day and obviously isn’t a 1st priority.

So let’s be patient, and who knows, it could be right around the corner :)


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People I wasn’t saying I’m not grateful. I think the reason why I got it back in 2011 (which is a loooong time before some others in this community) explains it why I feel so linked to this App and why I really want that small piece of reality into the gameplay.



I don’t know why but I feel really offended when people compare Infinite Flight to Errorfly (Aerofly).


Look, the developers are trying to bring new cool stuff to this game, so far the 787 looks great, just needs more liveries and tweak some things like the flaperon and the spoiler above the flaperon and other stuff. Sorry if this game really disappointed you, but at least their are revamping planes that needed to be revamped and improving the game for a better experience.

At least this game is realistic (and it could get more realistic in the future), you can fly in many regions (and soon fly around the world), it has more diversity of high detailed planes (some flight simulators doesn’t, and some planes in IF will get renovations eventually), you can fly with other people online (others doesn’t have this).

All these suggestions like the landing gear tilt will come eventually, but be patient, not all of these awesome features can be added in a single day. And again, the 787 looks fantastic, just need some work and it’s ready to release.


The developers already said that gear tilt is a possibility but there are some major bugs with it (to my understanding). So let’s be patient😊


I have noticed a lot of people think gear tilt is going to make their landings super smooth. In real life, once any significant amount of force is applied the bogey flattens out quickly. For infinite flight purposes, it really wouldn’t do much beyond visuals.


Your completely correct. Gear tilt is only something visual

Exactly! In other sims, I can’t be talking to you on a awesome community forum about the 787, and then the next be flying with you online.
It’s the community that makes it great for me.

If it can be flattened imagine how many aircraft in IF PG would need new tires. XD

Well in reality if a plane wouldn’t have suspension it would break apart upon touchdown…

If I saw these kinds of topics everyday, I would break apart upon touchdown.

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It seems like I see these type of complaints come up often. Just take what we’re getting. Gear tilt isn’t yet but at least we got wing flex. The thing people has been requesting over and over again.