787 Physics bug

Physics bug in the 787 Every time I try to find the 787. It always stall

out on me when I do the

and crash. Can you please fix this in 20.2 . @Archer


There’s nothing wrong with 787 in terms of physics. It works quite well and are very flyable.
More information about at what point you stall, weights, speed and so on would be good to know to be able to assist you.


Well look on the topic I just tried to do project Sunrise. I just kept stalling out.

of the nose down and you can barely read gain control. @Archer

Your topic didn’t really say much about your flight profile though.
But, the most likely issue is that you stalled due to being too heavy for the altitude / climb rate.

Flying that route requires proper planning of all the flight stages, and can’t be done just like that.

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Try doing the step climb method:

It’s not physics, just your aircraft is too heavy.