787/ other aircraft overspeed limiter

Hello fellow pilots Iv been concerned about some aircraft performances due to the fact that 350 knots is having a weird tendency in clean configuration to fly on an high AoA

Would Really like to know more



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What weight do you have set? More then likely that is the cause of your higher attitude.

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i usually fly long routes and adequate altitude but the weight is a fact i had considered

Naturally the nose should be about 2-3 degrees nose up in cruise around FL360

ok no problem And thnks btw

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hmm i might have experienced that , doing a test flight right now

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Unless you’re flying a A330, where the cruise is 2-3 degrees nose DOWN instead.

IMO the max speed should be increased to M.90, that would be more realistic


Who regularly flies a commercial airliner at 9/10ths the speed of sound? Honest question, not being snarky.


He’s right, most planes cruise at around .80-.86 anyways so .90 is too high. Although I wouldn’t be complaining…

@Bfinley1255 M.90 is the maximum operational speed of an A388

Uff da, that has to be some big time fuel burn at that speed. I suppose it’s a question of economics versus physics versus time when airlines and manufacturers introduce an aircraft. I obviously neglected to observe the concord but as it is not in service I suppose it’s not a major oversight.

Pilots of the A380 say the best speed to cruise is ~M.86-M.87

M.87 is already the Maximum Mach speed you are allowed to fly…

thanks people hope we share the same skies one day