787 nose slams down upon landing

Upon normal landing, the nose on the 787 will immediately slam down upon landing with the main gear. This did not occur on the previous version.

I can verify it has nothing to do with the physics of the aircraft. Try adding a little more power while landing and maintain the pitch once touching down and slowly lower it then.

This due to your speed and your angle, try do go a bit faster, and to land a bit smother.

Normally it’s fine now ;-))

I believe that the 787 has some of the smoothest landings than any other aircraft in the game.


Any Boeing in general. I can land a 757 / 767 or triple 7 smoother than any other aircraft in the sim.

The A330, A340 and A380 all land very smooth as well. It all depends on the pilot I guess.

I land the 787 best. Use trim of 20.

That’s weird, usually I get to keep up the nose for quite sometime.
EDIT: I’ve just tested it out with minimum weight, I can confirm it does slam the nose.

No he’s right after updating thw 787-10 this morning i just flew it and it wouldn’t take off and when landing the speed didnt really affect the decsent rate only pirch which it was never like that before. When ibkanding couldnt keep the nose up for a wheelie like i usually do it just slammed to the floor. I think there might be a bug.

MaxSez: @GordenW. Is that a + or - 20 my friend?

If you want to prevent your nose gear from slamming to the ground, are you going to use positive trim or negative trim? 🙃

Trim of +20.

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@FlyFi Don’t patronize me Lad. Your writing for a general audience with a large Fledgling population. Precision is important. Next time make your comment concise and a valuable learning experience. MadMax Sends


I agree. The 78J physics changed

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@Maxmustang I gave you the answer to Gorden’s question, which means I helped you. ;)

Good day!

@FlyFi. MaxSez: no your answered a question with a question! Plus the response was not directed to an individual it just hung there. If you felt put upon by my response regrets. In my opinion all comment should have an addressee and a fully fleshed out response. Regards.

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While the -10 may have a bug the OP would need to clarify that it was the -10 they were flying otherwise it’s an issue on their end. I flew both the -8 and -9 today and both are still working like before. I’m waiting for the @Ccamarano to specify which variant of the 787 they are talking about.

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Hmm… I just did a couple of landings and my nose didn’t slam down once. What device are you using?

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