787 Left Wing View reworked

When I’m flying the 787, i always love to goto the wing view and look at the flex, the thing that disturbs me is the fact that I can barley see the wing itself. I feel that a better wing view is needed and it would look way better for flexes and views.

I went to free cam and positioned into a great spot for a new wing view.

Hey! You can add it on as a feature you wish to see here:

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This is highly subjective and does not grant anyone anything to really vote for, even less for us to look at? More detailed description needed :)


I personally love the current wing view. I prefer wing view farther in the back because it looks cooler and you get to see more of the terrain below you.

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I feel as if this is similar to what you are wanting except with the topic linked above, you could do it with any aircraft!

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Thanks for sharing my topic! Yes, my topic is the same, except it applies for all aircraft 👍


I’m 20.2 you’ll be able to change the view with the new locked free camera 😄

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