787 flaperons go through the wing


So not sure if anyone has noticed this yet but I couldn’t find another topic about it.

It seems the 787s new working flaperon goes straight through the edge of the wing. Not a great look. I can provide a picture if needs be otherwise check it out for yourself.


Although I believe it’s a known issue, it might be helpful attaching a picture to the post to show the issue.

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What is this???

I just realised it happens on the 777 too… how can that happen if they didn’t update it?

Hi, for the 787 this is a known issue and it’s been around for awhile, as for the 777 it was brought up during the open beta phase, would make another #support topic post to further emphasise it wasn’t fixed.
But as shown below, not all minor issues were worked on.



The 787 wing has been just off since it was reworked.

It’s slightly more prominent now but this issue has always been there since day 1 of when the 787 family was reworked and released. That’s since 2016.

Technically, the flaperon’s movement is accurately represented… only in real life, even the spoiler placed directly above it, moves in tandem with the flaperon.

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