787 Flap settings, step climb and

Hello everyone!

I am about to attempt Nairobi to New York, a wonderful ultra long haul route of around 17 hours, from the city I currently live in.

As the 787 is a relatively new aircraft, I am failing to find information pertaining to the following queries:

  1. At what speeds should flaps be retracted on takeoff? The clean speeds?
  2. At what speeds should flaps be extended when on an approach, I have been completely unable to find this.
  3. I have found a very helpful post on takeoff thrust on this forum, where i found i should be using around 80% thrust on takeoff, but what should my climb thrust be?
  4. What altitudes should I be at as I progress through my flight? I will obviously be very heavy at the beginning of my journey, so i am unsure of what altitude is should climb to and when.

Thank you for any answers that may be given!

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200 knots

I start extending them at around 220 knots

Depends on your weight, you might need 85-95% N1

Sine you’re flying west, even altitudes. 320, 340, 360, etc.


Regarding climb thrust: I usually reduce the throttle by 5 to 10%, depending on how I selected my takeoff thrust which might have been a bit too much or too less… works for most departures unless there is a speed or altitude restriction in the SID that’s holding you back.

This site has flap speed references for all aircraft as well as more useful info. Enjoy!


Thank you! This site was very useful

one more tip, use trim. I use like 50% when flying the 787, helps with fuel efficiency 🙂

Really? I may be wrong and I’m not one to argue but trim is a completely mechanical feature and reduces the force entered by the pilot to climb/descent. When Autopilot is engaged, trim is completely disregarded.

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Okay now for some answers to the question…

In most passenger/commercial aircraft on IF, on the flight controls or around you seat, you can find a little flaps sheet with the flap limits and I believe that one can be found in the 787 between the yoke and edge ok cockpit.
I unfortunately don’t know much more to the answers of the other questions but I hope this helped ;)

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