787 Engine Swirl Markings

Don’t tag the mods please.

What do you want me to do?

I think this topic was already discussed. Since in the link I copied, discusses about the spiral marks, if you read it.

I was just wondering if my topic should be moved to Features. I’m not able to post there yet.

I did search for this issue before I posted it. There was one other, but last reply was 17 days ago, and there was no definitive answer or indication that the issue was seen by the devs.

They might saw that, the fact one of them didn’t answered in the topic, doesn’t mean they didn’t take a look to it.

Okay, I understand. But from reading the thread, it didn’t seem that there was agreement on what was being asked. The last post was from the topic originator, saying that yes, he was talking about the “swirl.”

If my topic is redundant, then perhaps it should be closed.

It does seem there are other posts on this issue.