787 Engine Swirl Markings

Noticed that the “swirl” markings on the engines of the updated 787’s are missing. Is this intentional? image


Welcome to the community! Fan blades would be an amazing feature, however none of the aircraft have swirls (fan blades)

You’ll only see it on the

I think the a320s do.

Only new American 757.
Besides, the engine swirl in the centre was never there.

No I think he meant in the game. Which only the a320s have some kind of marking on the engine

Edit: I know what you mean now I didn’t see the post above.

See look:

This is A318 ACJ

I know but all photos on google show no swirls.

Well in game the 787 is shown having Rolls-Royce engines and most of the planes I’ve been on with RR engines have the swirl. So the 787 should.

Actually he means the spiral marks in the engines.

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Look here is the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 on a Dreamliner, notice it has swirls;

Gordon, all of the images on google for RR engines on the 787 most
certainly do show the swirl.


when you throttle Up does it show the swirl? (IRL)

Rolls-Royce brochure (PDF) quoted the following (identified by user
BowlOfRed in comment below):

Our aerospace engines have swirls painted onto their spinners in order to
indicate when the engine is rotating while on the ground. In flight these
swirls flicker as the engine rotates at high speed, scaring birds and
allowing them to fly clear of the engine.

Yes, it does. It actually has this kind of slow motion effect when it speeds up.

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