787 Dreamliners

Im sure this has been answered but when the 787-9 gets reworked will the 787-8 be included or will it just be the reworked 787-9?

Sorry if this has been answered im just wondering?

No one knows…


There are lots of topics already created on this but to answer your question personally most lily as with the A321 they will add the B787-8 and redo the B787-9. Hope this helps 😀




Hopefully… my favourite airlines operate both models.


Don’t forget about the 787-10! ;)

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But that hasnt been built yet so like everyone says itll be unrealistic:D, would be really cool though

It’s under development.
The design has been completed.
“Major assembly of the 787-10 will begin in 2016, followed by first flight in 2017 and first delivery in 2018.”.
KLM has ordered 6! :) (and 15 787-9’s)

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theres a difference between “built” and “designed” :)
From what i know IF devs only include aircraft that have already been contructed and delivered to airlines or ordered:) but what you told me about construction etc i wasnt aware of thats so cool!! But i dont think klm flys to here to sydney:(

I think adding the -10 to the family now will save time.

Yeah they might aswell add the whole family, maybe the -3 aswell? Although i dont really like the adding of winglets image

It’s not certain they will be developing the -3, right?

Im not 100% sure but i think boeing scrapped it, because there is no point making a 4500nm 787 plus it was built for long haul and to succeed the 767 not the 757

Boeing is clever by making 3 different aircrafts that do different things! When you can have them all in 1 😡

I think they’ll use the same design to make the b757/767 replacement that is going to be unveiled later this year.

How do you know that?

From a.net

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Doesn’t mean it won’t be terminated like the 787-3 or have issues like the 787-8 ;)

Its just a 787 stretched further. I don’t think it would have problems unless it’s too long.

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Terminated project. Likely won’t be added for realism sake. Might as well add the 747-500 while we’re at it.

I was under the impression that they would be making significant changes to the 737 frame as the replacement but that’s just another rumor I guess.