787 Cruise

I am cruising at 36,000 feet and my nose is up really high. I need help/tips ASAP.

This would be on a 787. Check your fuel, and speed. You can easily stall and crash later in flight. All I’ve known to fix this is put flaps slightly down and/or trim.

This is and has been a known issue by Developers.

Which aircraft are you flying?

What is you’re speed?

Not sure if thats okay during cruise

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You must be too heavy and at too low of a speed. You should cruise at FL340 or 320


Set flaps for 5 degrees.

Bold of you to immediately assume without any specific information that he’s in a 787…


If you can answer both these questions, we might be able to find a solution to your issue

Unfortunately I stalled and crashed. It’s weird though because just yesterday I used the exact same plane and did a full flight from KLAX to EGLL with no problems.

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Well you were probably to heavy to cruise at that high altitude…

But is it a secret which plane flew? :)

It’s advice from all players, up to 5⁰.

Was it a 787 by any chance? This is a known issue for long haul flights. It slows down over hours, then on a turn it flips itself over, the AP turns off, and it crashes.

Yes I was in a 787.

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What would’ve been a good cruise altitude then?

around FL320 for a start

Then if possible, to step-climb

Alright. Also, why when I’m cruising does the nose kinda point up?

That’s entirely normal if you set any trim.

Also normal if you didn’t