787 Cruise Pitch

Is it normal for the 787 to be pitched up so much in level flight like this? If not what should I do to fix it?

I made the same topic a year ago lol.

The 787 is a relatively aero dynamic plane in terms of its flying style. ( It could also be that you’re heavy for that altitude. )

A lot of the heavier aircraft will have this slight pitch up appearance. Each aircraft has a varying AOA (Angle of Attack), although you are at cruise, the aircraft still needs lift generated by the wings. Some aircraft don’t have such a noticeable pitch when at cruise. It all depends on the total weight, the airfoil, and the center of gravity of the aircraft.

What you see here in your 787 screenshot is totally normal.

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Alright thanks!

I should have asked though, what Mach did you have the Speed set to?

Mach .85. It’s what I found for cruise speed on Wikipedia.

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Kewl, yea Mach .85 is perfect for the 787s.

Yeah all the 787 variants in IF have this problem unfortunately. It does pitch up in cruise IRL- but not nearly this much. Here are a few, albeit slightly unrealistic (but the pitch itself is unrealistic) things you can do to correct it:

  1. Fly at a lower altitude- they typically fly fl330 to fl430 irl. I recommend staying at or below fl330 though.

  2. Don’t take any pax/cargo, only fuel. At the end of the day the pax/cargo are just a number on a slider. By making the 787 lighter you help correct the pitch.

  3. This is disgusting but cruising with flaps 5 also helps a lot. This gives a pretty realistic pitch for a given speed/altitude/load.

Any combination of two of these should do the trick.

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IRL the flaps extend a bit in cruise for better performance and also that lowers the aoa. This is not modeled in IF. Flaps 5 does the trick. Flaps 15 is actually more efficient but probably too unrealistic for anything other than range pushing.

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