787 Cockpit edit

Thanks for the feedback I thought I would do another edit but this time with the brand new 787-10 cockpit. I hope you enjoy. Please critisism would be great!


Wow! That is one of the most realistic edits I have seen in this forum! Well done @Riley_Dunshea! :)


Thanks. Thank FDS for the cockpit all I did was edit a background from Bing.

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The scenery fits just right into that edit! :)

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Wow, how on earth do you do that? It’s amazingly realistic!

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I used an app called superimpose. I used the runway picture as the main background then put the cockpit on topic. Then I just removed the picture inside the cockpit window and aligned it in the middle.

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It looks Fantastic

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A sim would never look like this.

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You’d be suprised with some PC sim addons

You did a good job but I don’t think there are simulators out there that have that realism.

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It’s not meant to be a simulator picture though, it’s an edit.

Sim pic and life pic don’t go together.

Nice! 👏👏 looks great!

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Nicely done! It looks great.

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I know it’s off topic but please could some one tell be which variants of the 787 in the new update re free and which variants are paid ones!

Every variant is paid.

None of the 787-8/9/10 are free?

Name of Sim please

Infinite Flight Xtreme

No they are not. Read this for more info.

Back on topic now.

Really, that is the best I’ve ever seen…EVER

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