787 Captain camera position

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the default position of the 787 Captain camera is not correct and faces slightly down from the normal position.

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  • Launch IF
  • Step 2 spawn in any 787 variant
  • Step 3 go to cockpit camera

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default camera position is a bit too low

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Seems perfectly fine for me. If you would like to, you can adjust it yourself.


This looks normal, I think this topic can be closed

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I still noticed that. and the truth is if it is uncomfortable. You have to be constantly adjusting the camera.


the 787 cockpit cam has been shifted to the position of that on the A32X, B73X, and B77X (i.e. planes with live cockpits, to allow for better viewing of the instruments)

given that the B787 does not in fact have a live cockpit yet, i think this is a reasonable report


The camera view for the 787 is set as default, the same as other aircraft. As the 787 has not yet had a rework the camera views are not set according to the aircraft, I think the devs will just fix this at the time of the rework so for now I suggest you just adjust your view to suit you. I know this is annoying but we all just have to be patient

  • Also, you have reported this as a ‘bug’. This is not a bug and is just something slightly inconvenient, I suggest you just ignore it until the rework!

Hope this helps… 😊

I agree that it’s an inconvenience but why did they change it. It was perfectly fine before. Plus having to constantly adjust it is annoying.

Your definitely right. However we have to expect these things with amazing updates

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[quote=“Saudia263, post:8, topic:562432”]
Your definitely right. However we have t
Saudia 263, Did you notice any difficulty taking off with the 787 with the camera in this position?

Not me personally

I ask this because I had trouble taking off with the 787. Apparently, I realized that the aircraft has the greatest negative angle of attack. At takeoff, for long flights, I adjust the aircraft with: TRIM 50% + FLAP 15 ° (correct me if I’m wrong). In Beta, if you do this, it rises violently and enters Stoll.

Wow! That aircraft is unrealistically SHINY