787 calibration issue

I love flying the 787 and just before landing, I always calibrate my device so the plane won’t go crazy. It works with every other plane except the 787. If I calibrate on the 787, the nose of the plane with drop. I also tried on solo, putting my phone on the desk (which is flat) and calibrated but the nose of the plane will still drop.

iPhone SE
IOS 10.3.1
Not jail broken or modified
Latest version of infinite flight.

I also experience this too somehow. I believe many of us are also having this bug


Pretty sure it has to do with gravity.


Trim, don’t calibrate. The little pink line should help. Very rough estimate is around 40% on IF for the 787.


This may be unrelated but when I am cruising in the 772, the nose pitches up.
I normally put it on Normal weight.

All aircraft hold a nose up attitude while at cruising altitude. Simple physics regarding airflow ;)


40% trime? I land the 787 with only 5% and it lands just fine.

I dont know why you calibrate your device flat on a desk. I always calibrate my ipad holding it how I feel more comfortable at the very begining of the fly, then I use trim as needed for the rest of the flight. Never had an issue with any aircraft.

I calibrated on the desk to test it. So I place it flat on the desk and calibrate. But the nose would go down

Thanks misha for the valuable solution!