787 bug

There is a problem with the 787’s. Every time I put the flaps down or up both of the flaperon goes up. Can you please fix it? Thanks.

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What’s a flaperon?

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He ment flap handle

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Hey follow these steps below

1.Restart your device
2.Delete and reinstall your IF app logging into the same account you have used

It’s a flap on the wing that moves together with the aileron.

Ok ill try it.

Do you mean that the flaperon goes up when you put the flaps down?

I suggest browsing through these topics. (Especially the last one I linked)

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As probably already said, I would suggest restarting or possibly re-installing your infinite flight application.

As stated in the number of other support posts for the same thing, this is a known issue and will be addressed in the future if possible.

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