787 at KLAX-KPAE

Hello, I was flying out of KLAX today from Runway 07L with a B787-8 Boeing house livery to KPAE. I completed this flight on Training server.

departing 07L at KLAX

climbing to cruise altitude of 20,000ft

getting ready for approach at KPAE runway 34L

Finally touched down at 34L at Snohomish County

Thanks for looking. This is my first ever #screenshots-and-videos

Please reply to share thoughts and feedback


It’s finally great to see the real Boeing 787 livery.

Just have this in mind that it would be better to use the Replay feature for much better screenshots the next time, so no airport markings and headings would be visible.

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I thought one 787 was about to land on the other! Then I realized…


Thanks! So much. I did use the replay for some 😉

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Yes, sorry pictures came out weird but looks cool! 😊 @CameronH21

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Nice pictures,But why cruise at FL200?

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Thanks. Is there a problem with 20,000 feet? IRL? I am interested please explain 🙏 I like to fly low over mountains 😊

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With me there is no problem but IRL yes,you always avoid being over mountains.Even if it makes good pictures.If the mountain is only like 15,000FT then you should be able to fly over it at a reasonable cruising altitude say <28,000FT.but only having a clearance of 5000 or so feet puts you in a bad place if something goes wrong,Because more often than not you need to descend not ascend.So to answer your question it’s simple not safe.
But in IF,you’ll be ok

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I guess you got windy. Is it true ?

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