787 APU Lights

Since the 787 is in development I thought it would be a good idea to recommend the APU lights found on the back of the 787. On the current version there is just a single light in the middle, not the 2 side by side.

I find that they would look really neat in IF and distinguish the aircraft very nicely. I read a topic on the lighting for the wing, but I couldn’t find anything about APU lights specifically.

Forgive me if my term “APU light” is incorrect, all I know is that they’re located near the APU.

Real Life 787:


It would be nice if IF change the light a little bit brighter, the light now just poor…


With working frontlights:)

That top image looks stunning!

100% agree with this.


The real one Looks stunning indeed. Would Love to see this feature on the “Revamped” B787 Update :D (It would make the Night Skyline Brighter :D)


Hi matey, very nice request and I personally would like to see it. Could I ask you to remove one of those pictures since it is against our guidelines for feature requests.1 pic per request. Anyway great idea!

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(Where did you get that top picture?)

I fully support this! It would realism and just like the Dash, the lights are located in the right place. :)

EDIT: My top question got answered, airlines.net :)

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Nice request, but one picture per request.

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Will do. Sorry about that

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I’m so glad for a reworked 787! It will be so beautiful, especially if these are added!

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Bumping this because I would love to see it with the reworked 787.

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Could you post the photo here pls? Instagram won’t let me view it without logging in

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But the lights aren’t very bright (I guess that comes with a lighting update). And they aren’t blue, is that how it is sometimes in real life?

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I don’t know if you guys noticed this in real 787s, but the rear lights (in the APU), remains on even when it doesn’t flash with the strobe lights, so far I don’t see this in IF.


Lol we are giving quality wings 787 a bit of a run for its money with how much detail is going into this


The 787 will be the most accurate plane when all this features are implemented

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1.The APU lights look great.2.When will the update come out for both global flight and 787 update?

The global flight will be in another update. The upcoming update will be for the revamped 777 and 787 and the other new liveries. What are you trying to say?