787 A/P troubles.

Hi, Yesterday I had friends over so I decided to do London Heathrow - Melbourne. After I take off, I get past 10,000 And set my speed to 340. 1 Hour later I came back and I had crashed. I went onto the menu and I have received 6 violations bringing me from Grade 3 to 1. This isnt the first time this has happened as it happened on my old iPhone 6S with a Virgin Atlantic 787. I’m currently running it on an iPhone 8 with the highest update. If I could get these violations off my account that would be great but if that is not possible it would be fine. Thanks for reading.

How high did you set your altitude and were you watching the climb past 10,000?
How heavy was your aircraft too?

What did you set your V/S to?

@Kevin_Potthast I was watching it past 10,000. I set to FL41 and I had full fuel with no cargo or passengers.

2500 through 10000 then 1000 after.

That’s strange. What setting did you use for flaps? That could be a possibility.

Whenever I climb out I set my speed to a max of 320 and watch my speed until I get past FL280 then adjust the mach speed to an appropriate speed. So I suggest that to lower your speed above 10,000 ft and then increase above FL280

15 for take off. Once I got through 1000 i set to 5 then at 2500 i set to 0

We cannot remove violations caused by unattended aircraft. There are simply too many variables involved that can cause this situation.

Best course of action is to wait a few days and the violations will roll off. Then going forward make sure I attended devices are fully set on AP (speed and vs) and it is left of a stable setting. Table,etc.

340 seems close to the overspending limit depending on your alt so that is also something to think about.


I think I have another idea: since you had full fuel, which still goes over MLW and could be close to MTOW (not sure), that could’ve been why. Alternatively, you could step climb to prevent more fuel being used, resulting in a stall.

I really don’t mind waiting, its just now I need more landings to get onto expert.

How higher you get How harder it is for an plane to maintain speed so the plane looses speed maibe you did stall?

I fly a lot and this is how I usually do it and its always fine.

Maibe for the next time wait till you are on cruise.

Yeah. I guess. I will next time!

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Also make sure your alt is set in auto pilot and not just the speed.

Everything was set. So I could leave it.

Did you leave your speed unchanged at 340 knots till it converted to mach speed after you crossed FL280? If so, that is way too fast espicially for your desired altitude at FL410. Which is probably what caused the violations, not sure why it crashed though.

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That is the problem. Aircraft is too heavy to climb straight to FL410. You would have climbed to say 36000ft then aircraft would fall slowly but not stall. You would go below 10K feet and be at 340kts until your aircraft falls and crashes.


When I looked it was half inverted in a nose dive.