I’m flying from MIA to Juliana International. (St. Martin). Currently the 787-9 is going Mac 1.52, anyone know if those engines could possibly do that. Of course it is not supersonic, but if it was structurally able to, would the engines be able to push it that fast?

Are you doing this as a test? On casual I hope.


I don’t know for the engines but the aircraft itself would look like some confettis.

Well actually it has turbofans so definitely no 😅

Are you on casual server?

If you are having trouble connecting bro - you have raked up some vios!

Structurally, it would probably never be able to.

B787s usually cruise between Mach 0.80 and Mach 0.85. Its maximum cruise speed is Mach 0.89.

Above that, the structure of the aircraft will likely suffer permanent deformations, (such as the wings bending) which won’t at all be healthy for the aircraft.

“OVERSPEED, OVERSPEED, OVERSPEED” is there for a reason ;)

As no one has ever flown a 787 faster than Mach 0.89 (I hope) I don’t know whether we know the answer to your question.


I really hope you are doing this in Casual just saying.I don’t want you to get the amount of vios you would’ve gotten on Training And Expert

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My only prayer is that you are on casual server.

N1, which is shown above the throttle should not go past 100%. Passing it will be bad for the engine.
Passing M1.0 is flying faster than the speed of sound. There should also be a over speed warning and alarm bells ringing (when in the cockpit) if you’re flying that fast.
Normal airline planes usually cruise at around M0.82.


Cruise speed for the 789 is usually M.85
Going supersonic is not why the 789 was built

You probably could do anything in IF with zero wind conditions…just go full throttle and your GS can reach 2000kts if you maintain at a medium altitude somewhere above 10,000ft to below 30,000ft (too low and you won’t go fast enough, too high and you will stall)

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Could they physically get the aircraft to that speed? Probably yes, in theory, however severe failures would likely take place before reaching that speed or very soon after. First off, the engines would likely exceed their maximum N1 value, and continued engine operation in this manner would result in the engine literally ripping itself apart. If that didn’t happen, there’s a possibility of airflow into the engine being so high that the air begins trying to spin the engine faster, with possibly similar results and in a best case scenario, causing disconnects between different engine components resulting in engine failure.

You’d also have to bear in mind structural failures. In airliners, you have your Vmo speed - maximum operating speed, and your Mmo speed - maximum mach speed. Exceeding these values beyond the built-in safety margin would be where you begin to see structural failures. To start with, control surfaces like flaps, ailerons, elevators etc. would start to flutter, which would decrease your control of the aircraft.

Keep accelerating

Wings are designed with various oscillations possible. As you gain more and more speed, the effects of the air on the wings may become unpredictable. The wings may begin to make flapping motions (similar to a bird), or they may start twisting (particularly at the wingtips), or even begin to slightly bend towards the rear of the aircraft. At this point, it’s possible that flight controls may become reversed. A left control column input may result in the aircraft turning right, because the resulting torsion force on the wing from the aileron may be so excessive that it exceeds the force of the aileron, banking the plane in the opposite direction. You’ll probably start losing mobile parts such as flaps at this speed.

Keep accelerating

If by some miracle you’re still in the air by this point and all of your flight controls and structure are in tact, it’s about to end. Once you reach extremely excessive speeds, the increased drag on the airframe, and particularly the wings, will be so great that the wind just tears the wings entirely off of the aircraft. That’s it. You’re now nothing more than a passenger in a carbon-fibre missile hurtling towards earth faster than sound.


i have gone to 1.13 on casual which did a eham to egll in 6 mins

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Just like STS-107’s demise.

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Max mach on the -9 is .90

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