787-9 United Airlines Menu Picture Glitch

Does anyone else have a gray blotch on the UA 787-9 Menu picture?

Please specify. Which device, which version, how to recreate it, at least some pictures!

I had this problem on the Dash. After the 787 update it fixed itself.

Device: iPad Air Version: Everything up-to-date.

Try restating the device.

I already did.

Um … Maybe delete infinite Flight, re-download it, restore all purchases and that should work.

Already did as well, nothing fixed it, it is not affecting anything else, only the picture. Not that big of a deal. But do you see the same thing on your device?

That happens when IF freezes while you download something. You can solve it by reinstalling.

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This is a known issue as you might’ve done something while the photo was still uploading so that the image didn’t download all the way.

That happened to me, even if the image download freezes and close the app. I reinstalled the app and the problem is gone.🙂

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