787-9 Turkish Airlines Are Visable

Infinite Flight with the new 21 version 787-9 Turkish Airlines Plane Doesn’t Arrive I Have a Problem On My Phone About Deleting And Installing The Game 787-9 turkish airlines does not appear Samsung A6 Plus

Are you on the right version of Infinite Flight? (21.1 or above)

You should able to view your version under settings > about, in the Infinite Flight app.

I understand your problem, do you have sufficient storage in your device, and is your phone updated to the latest software, which version of infinite flight do you have installed on your device?

You are on 20.03

By the looks of it your on 20.3 and as far as I’m aware you won’t be able to update your app to the latest version as your device uses a 32bit processor and Infinite Flight have updated their device requirements to 64bit to support 3D buildings and future additions to the app, you can read more about it in this topic here:

Sorry about that.

This is the reason why you can’t see the Turkish B787-9 in game as it wasn’t added with 20.3.

Yup this is the Reason.

what should i do to update

Unfortunately you won’t be able to update your app unless you purchase a new device that uses a 64bit processor and (if it’s android) has Android 7.0 or above.

For the foreseeable future you will be stuck with 20.3.