787-9 started to rotate at about 60kts?


So I just took off from Sydney headed to Johannesburg in the 787-9 and at almost maximum takeoff weight, you can imagine I was shocked when the nose started to lift off a few seconds after throttle up. I pushed the nose down but it was kinda too late so I just rotated and did an awkward bumpy takeoff in front of a crowded Sydney airport… 😂

Trim was set to 20% and I’m very OCD with calibration I basically do it 10+ times before I even get onto the runway so it can’t be that issue.

Anyone had something like this happen?


i don’t think it’s the weight because it’s impossible to have more weight in the back than in the front.

I know that its already there since B787 got tilted gear. I fixed it my self i just use 10% trim and Flaps 10 even on an heavy configuration and it doesn’t rotate tgat quickly also put som little pressure to the nose on from the beginning of the take off roll

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It could have something to do with the winds. I can’t image if they were strong enough to do something like that but it’s possible. Also depending on how much flaps you use.


My only guess would be that you didn’t recalibrate your device

I used flaps 15 but that’s what I generally use on the Dreamliner for a long haul so I’m confused.

There used to be an issue a few years ago where the elevators would become stuck in the full up position. It was easily fixed by turning AP on and off again. It was dark as I was trying out the new taxiway lights and wouldn’t have noticed this. So it could have been this :S

Hey there! I’ve had this problem since Open Beta 21.1. It hasn’t been fixed since. Both the 787-8 and 787-9 have that issue. The way I do my takeoffs is most importantly push your yoke down on takeoff so that the nose doesn’t lift until V1 speeds and slowly pull your yoke.


Cap, because you can turn off syncronization the weight and balance screen.

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U good my boy 😂

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Flaps 5 is generally used on long hauls. Any longer than 10-12 hours would use flaps 15. What was your GS on rotation?

10% trim is also ideal for takeoff

I’ve never had this problem weirdly the other day my plane struggles at 150knots

Maybe your using too much thrust bc N1 speed are so high

The infinite flight 787 is extremely powerful.

For takeoff, I recommend setting flaps 5 with
15 - 20% trim. Use 80% n1 for departure, and tilt your device down until v1. Once you hit v2 begin very lightly pulling back on your device to perform a smooth takeoff.


edit: I should always test before I type. I tried just below MTOW, trim 20 and the nose wants to come up very early as you described. This was repeatable. (my first comment was about something that happened way back, closer to taxi speed).

I had this happen at least once in the past, maybe twice. It had nothing to do with flight setting such as trim or power. The trigger was unclear. But restarting the app seemed to clear it.

I just departed and had the same issue i think you need to implent negative trim maybe it will help

Flaps 5 on a heavy 78X is a recipe for a tailstrike though.
For the 789 I’d recommend 15 for takeoffs above 70-75% load.
Flaps 5 is fine for the 788 at any weight.

Of course, this is all for a comfortably long runway for the 787 (I’d say above 8200ft/2500m).
Higher flap settings may be used if the runway in question is short, depending on weight (for example TNCM.)

Also, Vr is the rotation speed while V2 is the takeoff safety speed (the speed where an aircraft can safely climb with one engine inoperative.)


Hi! Unfortunately, this is a current and known issue. Im not sure why it does this, lol. I do however reccomend applying down pressure to avoid this such action.

can it also be fixed using negative trim?

Yeah I replicated it also and the same thing happened. I tried again and put trim down to 10% and that made a difference but then the issue was tail striking and having to add way more thrust after rotation.

It’s always confusing when things go so horribly wrong after flying an aircraft flawlessly for hundreds of times.

My guess is when you think about it the Dreamliner family are old compared to the newer aircraft were used to flying so maybe if they get a rework sometime soon the physics will improve.