787-9 Quetzalcoatl

Years and years waiting for the best delivery in the world, the Aeromexico Quetzalcoatl arrives at IF, vote in this publication so that it becomes a reality soon #features

Credits to the photo owner of this pic

so this has to be in #features also read up on how you have to format it for it to be allowed

Ok thank you

I’m sorry but read the rules of the #features category, this livery was mentioned specifically. As the rules have changed, we cannot vote for special liveries.
Instead we got the 787-9 normal Aeromexico livery.

About the Features Category

Sorry the last time i be here was 2 years ago, i don’t remember so many things, thanks for understand

It’s okay 😊 you can read the guides for each category to learn more!

Last of all, as part of the new rules for livery requests, you can’t ask for complex, temporary or special liveries any more.