787-9 nose up

I was cruising at 7,000 feet at 240kts air speed with no wind around and I had autopilot set to 7,000ft so vs was 0. Yet my nose was up at 10 degrees.

Why is this?

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Because you are quite slow…


Yes but if you can go no faster then 250kts below 10,000ft what are you supposed to do if atc tells you to hold below 10,000ft

Use the trim


At what level?

I dont know…-30% maybe

Are u using the old 787-9 (787-900) ?

Also the flaps if you’re going to land…

No it’s the new one

What if your not thiugh

Trim’s your choice if you wanna cruise below 10.000ft

Trim, flaps all set now what’s the answer ?

You have your trim set to 40%. That lifts your nose up. You want to have trim in the negatives. Also, fleas bring your nose down, so autopilot sometimes brings the nose up to counteract the flaps, unlike what you want to happen


Your airspeed is a bit slow, but you are only 4 degrees up, that is normal. The first line is 5 degrees.


So, this is the one with no flaps and no trim

Negative trim. I’m sorry but I just wanna learn

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As IceBlue Said, between 0-5° is just fine, and normal, which is where you’re at now. Again, Autopilot will counteract it to put you between 0-5° If you look at the little circle with the two lines (No clue what it’s called😂) It’s leveled at 0 VS, so you’re not going up or down

Reduce the weight :)


So the trim works in a reverse manner. If I wanna climb I will have to set my trim in negatives and positive to decend right?
But when I was taking off with -35% I wasnt able to take off untill I reached 240 knots

You have it backwards. Positive lifts up your nose. Negative lowers your nose