787-9 Missing flaps degrees 17 and 18

As you can see in this picture the 787-9 has flap 17&18.


Probably too complicated to code individual ones like that when we already have 15 and what difference would 18 and 17 really be

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What difference would 1° really Be? ;)
Think about it, it would help a lot :)

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Think about 1* and 2* on 737. Just one degree and it’s barely noticeable so don’t add it?
The cockpit is also supposed to be one of the best. For now.


There is something weird with the photo. I don’t think this seems to be corroborated by any other 787 photos I have seen where flap settings in 787s seem to be more typical. The 787-8 I have been in has UP, 1, 5, 15, 20, 25, and 30. Flap settings of 17 and 18 make no sense whatsoever.

That’s because the -8 doesn’t have 17-18. Only -9 does.

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Interesting, I wonder why - the settings are not typical for Boeing for previous aircraft so very much a break from the norm on the 787-9.

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It could be for takeoff performance.

Currently the 787 share the same cockpit.



I know but I didn’t use that because it did t have the full cockpit.

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