787-9 Flaps for takeoff

What flaps should I be using for a heavy takeoff at SFO with a flight to PVG ( 12h50m) at runway 28L/R? And what flaps, in general, should I be using on a light/heavy takeoff with a long/short runway? Thank you. My thrust is at 80% n1=90-91%.

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    Justin Duval

Flaps 5 or 15. Since the 787 is so sensitive, on long runways I might use 5 for light/medium weight but 15 with heavy weight


it maters on the runway length, the weather, or the weight of the aircraft

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ok thanks so what flaps should i use if i depart off 28L tonight at sfo with full pasengers, cargo, and 15h of fuel.

I would recommend flaps at 15 degrees

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I always use 15 and have never had a rough takeoff

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Same I use flaps 15 with trim set to 30% and I rotate at 150kts when I am heavy @Jster82x

thanks guys
-Justin Duval

30% trim is excessive. in real life they only use less than 5% of trim on takeoff.

Use flaps 15 everytime and take your Control sensivity on LOW for Smooth take offs or Landings

the trim in IF is just a pitch axis offset I think, I usually set it at 20-30 so I don’t have to hold my phone super high during intial climb

i usually enable the VS autopilot very early so that i don’t have to hold my phone up. i don’t put trim too high because i don’t want the plane to rotate by itself.

Probably because I use flaps 5 for takeoff

i use 5 or 15 (mostly 5, but if it’s extremely heavy then 15)

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