787-9 cruise pitch

Is the 787 suppose to cruse with such a high pitch. this doesn’t happen whit any other aircraft. Just wonding. also my ete is 11 hours 32min. or is this just a phials glitch bc it is a older plane in IF,


What route are you flying?

EGLL-WMKK is the route.

Ok what server? This is to find you on liveflight. Only need to know so I can pull up weather for that area.

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Could be a factor of weight, winds and altitude you’re at.

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but this happens every time i fly in a 787

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Yes it’s normal don’t worry, you wont crash ;)

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Ik its just seems kinda unrealistic. any way in going to climd to FL410 rn

Alright just like @Davide_DC said this is normal with the 787.

FL410? That’s a tad bit high early into your long haul.

o wait your right i crashed last night bc i was @fl430 bc i was trying to make the flight as long as possible.

Descend to like 31.000ft or 33.000ft, you just started your flight and the plane must be heavy, this should lower down a bit the pitch of the aircraft.

yea I’m going to do that I’m still 83% heavy.

FL410 is way too high for a heavy 787-9 and it will struggle to maintain altitude and therefore pitch upwards.

Descending to 310-330 should solve it.

Check this out:

yea i dont think the 787 is modeled that well bc it always needs significant trim and does pitch up even with 300+ kts IAS cruise at lower altitudes

Hi! I suggest to do a search. Most «issues» are covered.

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