787-9 Cockpit Update

Hello can you pls update the cockpit of 787-9 because right now it is just basically paper on the screens


hey, feel free to leave a vote


How do I vote ?

Click the blue vote button in the top left of the feature request!

Where’s the blue vote button sry I am new to the infinte flight web

Are you seeing this in the upper left corner?

I really hope after the MAX gets released, the 787 family is next, I fly it almost every day.

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Thxxx I did it


Great! Just a little tip…for the future if there is something you’d like to see added or reworked, definitely check out the Features category. You may find something there to vote for or if you have an idea, you can also make a feature request and maybe it’ll make it into IF.

Keep in mind that right now you are limited with votes and when you advance to the next TL, you will receive more. :)