787-9 appr doesn't work

I can’t use the appr with 787-9 and I don’t now what I have to do! Please, someone can help me! With all the othres planes I din’ any problem! Thanks

Could you elaborate? Are you above max landing weight?

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Yeah make sure your weight is in the green on the weight and balance page. If it is in the orange or red, APPR won’t work. If you set weight to ‘normal’ it still won’t work. Has to be on the ‘light’ setting.


Herik, I think you are in right! I’ll try after check the weight!!! Sorry! I have to study before to do ask!!!


Well…better study also english!

Is the GPS/ILS selected on the runway you are going to land at?

Was a weight problem! It’s first time with an heavy plane! Normally I fly with a321! But thanks for your help! This is a very beutiful!


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