787-8 not showing up

So when i bought my 787-8 dreamliner 5th August the plane did not show up.
And the money WAS sent to Infinite flight bit i have got no 787-8 dreamliner, Why?

What device are you using?
Have you tried reinstalling InfinIte Flight?
If it’s an Apple device, have you tried ”Restore purchases”?


Yes ive tried ever since

Did you receive a reciept of your purchase? This sounds a bit like a App Store error.

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Plus it says i have to “buy the app” the app but i already purchased Infinite flight

In that case, it seems like you are signed in with the wrong Apple-ID.

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Tapping on the button to buy Infinite Flight will tell you that you have already purchased it, and will not charge you to reinstall it. Or, like Seb said, try signing with a different Apple ID.

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This was actually the problem (Apple id)

I pressed buy again on the plane and it now showed up!
Thank you all! 👍❤️