787-8 LNAV not working

Hi, I have a problem with a flight I did the other day, it was a casual 787-8 Jetstar flight from YSSY-YBCG when I turned on LNAV as I had a proper flight plan I needed a heading of 356 and the LNAV gave me a heading of 138 I had an active leg on the right waypoint and check if there are any unusual waypoints but there was nothing.
Thanks, Kynan!

Is your source set to GPS rather than NAV1 or NAV2?

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yeah I always is, I always land manually

This doesn’t have to do with landing manually; setting your navigation source to GPS would mean that your LNAV follows your flight plan while setting it to NAV1 or NAV2 would mean that it flies in the direction that it is set to (dependent on the heading that you input).

ok then ill try again in the afternoon bcuz im at school rn

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