787-8 heavy pitch up as i power up

I was doing my takeoff run in a Jetstar 787 and for some reason it just decided to pitch up out of nowhere and it wouldn’t fly properly

I don’t know if this is a known issue but it’s happened to me so is there a way to get around this issue

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Hey Nick!

Thanks for letting us know about this.

I fly the 787 quite often, and I don’t recall encountering this ‘issue.’

By any chance, did you calibrate your device before you took off?


Um… can we have some more details, please? Also, just to confirm, are you sure you were trimmed properly, had your device calibrated, and/or had a normal weight & balance?

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I was at mtow and i was flying on runway 34L at Sydney airport

I can give you the recording of the flight

Perhaps you were slightly above MTOW?

What about this? Not calibrating your device could have easily caused this.

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Yes i was calibrated i had to put full nose down to keep the plane flying

I was barely at mtow 176,565kg

I did calibrate multiple times and had the same issue

I don’t get why this has happened

Thanks for the information!

Your replay would help determine the root of this issue.

When you can, please send us your replay using sharemyinfiniteflight.com.

Here is the replay

It happened at the end

Much appreciated!

I’ll take a peak now. 🙂

Any luck finding what causes that event

Not yet, no.

I see that you pushed the yoke down when the plane began to pitch up. The ailerons appeared to go haywire after that - almost like the plane was trying to counter your reaction.

Just to confirm, you were calibrated and under MTOW? Was your load evenly distributed as well? More weight in the back could have caused this.

I did try after to change the load but nothing changed

How do I contact a support staff member
So they see what the code was doing during this flight

Seb, Infinite Flight’s Technical Support/go-to-guy, frequently monitors this category.

When he gets the opportunity, he can take a deeper look at this for you.

Edit: Well, well, well. Will you look at that. Seb is responding right now!

In the meantime, I will review your replay again to see if I can find anything unusual.

We can’t see that in such a way.
One time occurrences is usually a glitch somewhere. As long as it’s not a recurring issue, i wouldn’t worry too much :)


i’ve reported this in #open-beta. have you used trim and pushed down your device? this works best for me

Unfortunately, I cannot find anything in your replay that would lead me to believe that there is an underlying issue. I simply think that this is a one-off experience.

In order to minimize the chances of this happening in the future, I suggest calibrating your device before departure, restarting your device before each flight, and restoring the controls (see below to understand how to do so).

Reseting Your Controls in Infinite Flight

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Select “Settings” from the home screen.
  3. Select “Controls” from the “Settings” page. This is the sixth option on the left-hand side of the menu bar.
  4. Click the “Restore Defaults” button. Refer to the image below for help locating it.

I hope this helps. Once again, I apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused.

Happy flying! ✈️


It’s a has happened multiple times now

What was your weight here?
Only thing i can think of is quite the unbalanced weight on the back.