787-8 General questions?

So I just updated the app and bought my self a 787-8 and have a few questions. Firstly, what is a good take off speed for V1 and when should the gear and flaps come up. (What percentage should the throttle be at) second, after FL10 what is a good cruising speed? I usually keep it at 250knotts but what is the real cruise speed of a 787-8? Anyways thank you and please respond.

For the Vspeeds try looking for a 777 manual. It has the same flap settings as the 787, and I think the latter will be its replacement, so use that.

Gear up should come when you achieve a positive rate of climb, and the flaps retraction should begin when you reach the speed according to your Vref 30.

Your N1% shouldn’t be higher that 90%.

What is a good speed for V1:138
When should the gear come up:Postive Rate,gear up
When should I retract my flaps:(Not sure)
What is a good cruising speed:320

You can find the flap limits to the left of the primary flight display. :)



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