787-8 cruising problem

Hello, it seems like there is an issue with the 787-8 when I cruise. I was doing a flight from Newark to lome on an Ethiopian 787-8 and while I was over Mali cruising at 41,000ft my pane suddenly lost speed and started rocking back and forth. My load was 50% and it didn’t seem like I was that heavy. I was also going Mach 0.87

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Your plane likely lost speed because you were too high for your weight. FL410 is too high for 50% load.

At 50% load in the 787; FL370-FL390 is appropriate.


Thank you. Now I know

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(ink if im too late but,) event at FL350 - 380 it sometimes still rocks side to side (usually at the beginning) so I often put flaps 5 just in case

My problem is it going up and down

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