787-8 A/P Issues

Hey there,
I was flying from VIDP to WSSS as Air India 380 and as I was climbing I was losing speed. I was confused as my vertical speed was only 2000 fpm, which is my usual ascent rate, and I never have had problems, even with the 787. When I reached FL380 I started to stall so I took control of the plane, leveled off, and set the autopilot back but it stalled again, causing me to end the flight. Is this a recent issue, or was this somehow something I did?

Greetings, @Delta07.

If you had a lot of fuel, this probably is due to your aircraft being too heavy at higher altitudes, causing it to stall.
I recommend checking out the topic provided below for a guide to step-climbing, to prevent this from happening again. 👍


Thanks! I will do that.

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A short flight as that one, I doubt he had much fuel which is the heaviest load factor a plane carries (in IF, at least) so I doubt it was him being too heavy unless he maxed out Passengers and Cargo…?

One thing I can tell you @Delta07 is that as you near your cruising altitude, that you lower your VS and don’t have it on a constant 2000fpm till you reach FL380 in this case.

Do you know what the overall weight of your plane was? Knowing that then we can assure that Nick is correct here and the guide he linked is going to help you (which it is either way as it is a vital part of a long haul / heavy flights to step climb) 🙂

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You’re sure you remembered to turn on both engines? This actually sounds like 1-engine ascent.


Thanks to everyone who helped me out, I will check the replay for a more detailed report, thanks to everyone

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