787-10 Speed

I am en route do JFK from Manchester and just sw a 787-10 with a speed of 913 kts…plane overtook me lime f35 and thats it…how come?

Well that’s unrealistically fast…

What server are you in?

Guessing you’re in casual…

JFK to Manchester, across the Atlantic Ocean is having some high winds from a storm. You’d be pushed to a maximum of 650-700knts ground speed with the maximum speed of the aircraft, plus the winds pushing you.

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Both flights to JFK so both facing head winds and its same fl…

He’s flying the other way, so he’ll have pretty strong headwinds instead.

What server are you on?

We both flying to JFK on casual

Ah, that makes sense. On Casual you can yank the throttle to the maximum and violate all speed restrictions without penalty. If you want to experience a more realistic environment, please fly on the Training or Expert servers. By doing so, you’ll avoid pilots doing 900kts whilst flying.

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Ok thanks:)

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maybe you are in CS

Ive done that thing reaching 1108kts lol

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How did you do it?

Ive just firewalled the throttles to 100% N1

On A350 most of the time is 100% and can go above 521 kts…just seen another 787-10 flying 1070kts

Ive done that 1108kts speed in Brunei-Davao not in KJFK-EGLL route plus the winds are strong where i am heading so the winds have given me “extra speeds”

What plane?

also if you want to do it, do it only in Casual server. do this in Training and you get tons of violations.

787-8 Qatar Airways

Also, the A350 is also a new plane but only gets half to the Dreamliners 1000+kts speed.

So its 787 again…maybe a bug?

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Maybe. ive did it more than 9 months ago…

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I will try later and i will see.

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