787-10 Response to control input

After the update the 787-10 control input is responding horribly. The 777-300ER is rotating just fine with maximum and minimum weight, but the 787-10 isn’t. I tested with every flap configuration, speeds from 155kn to 180kn and maximum and minimum weight. It doesn’t matter, the pitch only change at about 170kn and is sudden, like 0° to 16+° in second with minimum input. As the calibration and sensitivity is the same of the 777’s test, I think the problem is somewhere else.
You can see in the videos how different they are responding.
P.s. Rotating at ~150kn on both.

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There are other topics about this. Please search before posting. :)


Sorry, I searched, but didn’t find anything. Looks like I missed it

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It’s alright. You’re new.

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I’m having a little bit of trouble when rotating the plane, also in the 787-9.

Check link above. :)