787-10 List Ordering

I know this is small but shouldn’t the 787-10 come after the 787-9 and the 787-8, not before both of them. I know it comes before them because of the automatic alphabetical ordering and how the 1 is the first thing it scans but it kinda bothers me…


Nothing can be done actually, it is sorted ASCII value wise.


It is alphabetical
Remove the 0 and it will be this

I’m pretty sure that the devs could not do anything about it. Because the app’s aircraft ordering is most likely an automated coder plugin.

Not its not, if its alphabetical. It should be sorted as -8,-9,-10. ;)

That’s why most spawns have 0 in front of unit numbers :)

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As a coder myself, a computer does not understand the number 10 unless a code is written for it and there are two problems with that:
1-The amount of lines will be 1/2 the current code lines
2-It would be displayed as 787-“10”

I saw this too. Nothing can be done if it is sorted alphabetically.

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