787-10 and -8 virtual cockpit not visible after august hotfix

On all other Models the vc is working

Device Cubot x11
Android 4.2.2


Please include more details such as device, model, OS version.

A sentence and a video doesn’t help at all


The same here…no cockpit view for both 787-10 and 9. The thing won’t even rotate anymore.😬


I’m pretty sure a video helps :P and I’m guessing it’s all devices, it’s the same for me. iPhone 6+ (ios 10 beta), Ipad air 2 (IOS 9.3.3)

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787-10 - Check.

Cockpit - Check.

All systems go Captain.

iPad Air 2 iOS 9.3.5

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The cockpit is missing for me as well. I also noticed the left wing and right wing views have been updated. And yeah the 787-10 can no longer fly ;(.
Huawei Y600
Android 4.2

Its weird, i restarted my device and it works.

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State device pls. Please read before posting

I feel another hotfix coming…

I noticed i don’t have VC view for the -9 and -10 too and please if you’re having a fix coming fix the ILS on 28L & R at KSFO the approach doesn’t work well on it the localizer has a Heading of around 271 instead of 283 i think

Still not working after Device restart

Restarted it a third time and seems to work now

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