787-10 & 787-8 || Requesting a Tutorial

Hello! Last couple of days I stumbled upon a video by FDS, voiced by Mark. It was a great tutorial demonstrating how the 787-9 works.

Ive made this topic to requesting 2 new videos explaining the 737-9 & 10.

You’re meaning to say 787 not 737, correct?

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I think he mean the 787-9 and 787-10 .

There’s a 787-10 landing tutorial on my channel in my profile.


TBH if you know how to fly the 787-9, then you shouldn’t need an extra tutorial to master the other two variants.


I don’t have the 787-9.

Ok, but there already is a tutorial on the 787-9 on youtube. If you watch the video and practice on the 787-8 or -10 you’ll still learn how to fly them.

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